Lauren Fleshman Würdigungstag

Geek alert, you guys. It’s time for Lauren Fleshman Appreciation Day to go Deutsch. Diese Frau ist unglaublich. Check this out:

1. Lauren Fleshman announces she’s running the NYC Marathon in November - and explains why.

2. Simultaneously, Lauren Fleshman is named as a member of the USATF team at the world championships in Daegu, despite her 8th place finish at the USA Championships in June. Why? Because due to some superhuman mental powers (and massive talent, obvs), she ran over 30 seconds faster last week in London (15:00:xx) than at the USA championships (15:31:xx), meeting/exceeding the A qualifying standard.

Did I mention this all comes after an injury that meant she couldn’t train properly all winter and had only a few weeks to get in shape for the US championships? Did I mention the 62-second last lap in the London 5k? Who does that?! Basically, the woman is on fire. Not to mention she has an awesome blog providing all kinds of useful running advice and entertaining stories about the professional running world. It all adds up to a Lauren Fleshman Würdigungstag.* Prost!

And now for something completely different: Today was my last day of work for an indefinite time period. Mandatory maternity leave starts on August 30th and I’ve taken the rest of my vacation time until then. Mini-H celebrates by going through the triple-jump motions in preparation for the IAAF world championships in 2032.

*DISCLAIMER: Possibly not a real German word.

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2 Responses to Lauren Fleshman Würdigungstag

  1. I know, I really need her to write a book on her mental skills between now and November. Enjoy mat leave!

  2. Marie says:

    WOOOO! Congrats! I was slumped in a kitchen chair this morning before work, trying to muster the energy to put on my shoes, and my husband asked if I wanted to start my maternity leave now. The next 4 months are going to be rough.

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